Understanding avocado flowers

Every avocado starts as a little flower, but the road to the delicious fruit is more complicated that one might think. Read more…

grafting appletree

Grafting trees and plants

Combine the best of both worlds trees and create your own perfect tree through grafting! You can multiply trees in several different ways. Read more…

propagate cuttings

Learn how to propagate plants from cuttings

When growing your own plants it’s inevitable that you want more of your favorite plants :). Of course you can always buy another or perhaps start one from seed, but you can also start rooting cuttings. Read more…

Serres Royales de Laeken

Serres Royales de Laeken

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (Serres Royales de Laeken) are a complex of greenhouses at the castle of Laeken. Read more…

LED grow light red blue

Overwintering tropical plants indoors: Lighting

Autumn is fast approaching, as the light is lessening and the nights are getting colder it’s time to take extra care of our tropical plants. In practice that means one thing; tropical and mediterranean plants need to move either inside the house or in a heated greenhouse. Read more…

pineapple plant

Grow your own pineapple plant

What will you need?

– Pineapple
– Knife
– Container
– Pottingmix
– Somewhere warm

Growing your own pineapple plant is really easy, and if you’re patient you can eat your own homegrown pineapple!
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Pineapple – Ananas comosus

The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant originally from Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The plant is a member of the bromeliad family. Bromeliads are often sold as houseplants, that means pineapple plant are also suitable for growing indoors!
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