The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant originally from Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The plant is a member of the bromeliad family. Bromeliads are often sold as houseplants, that means pineapple plant are also suitable for growing indoors!


We think of the pineapple as a single fruit, but it’s actually a collection of fused berries. The berries start single and later grow to form one fruit. This can easily be seen during flowering time, the berries don’t flower all at once but in succession. In the photo you can see the pink dried out flowers and the purple fresh flowers.

pineapple flower


Bromeliads and pineapples only flower once in their life. After flowering and fruit set the plant dies. But don’t worry, during fruiting the plant also produces one or more new plants. These little plantlets are called suckers, when the grow between the leaves. Slips when they grown just below the fruit and pups grow next to the mother plant. These little plants can easily be potted up when they’re around 10 cm. This is an easy way to expand your pineapple collection, as an added bonus; these plants grown much quicker then grown from a pineapple top.

pineapple plantage

Container growing

Pineapples are normally grown in full ground. Rows of pineapples fill the plantages in countries like Costa Rica, here more than 45.000 hectare are cultivated. Fortunately for us pineapples can also grow and flower perfectly well in containers. The plants can become quite big, but stay somewhat smaller in pots. It’s an easy plant to grow and care for. Use a well draining soil or make you own by mixing some grid with regular potting soil. Water the plant when the top of the soil drys out and give an occasional feed. Place the plant on a spot with enough light, when temperatures are above 15°C you can place it outside in the sun. Make sure to acclimatize the plant slowly to direct sunlight to prevent sunburn.

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